Jens Pulver

MatchupOpenClosing rangeMovementEvent
Superior Challenge 9 Nov 23rd 2013
Jens Pulver+130-150...-150 -38%Superior Challenge 9
Sami Aziz-170+110...+110Nov 23rd 2013
One FC 8: Kings and Champions Apr 5th 2013
Jens Pulver+205+335...+360 +31.9%One FC 8: Kings and Champions
Masakatsu Ueda-285-505...-435Apr 5th 2013
One FC 5: Pride Of A Nation Aug 31st 2012
Jens Pulver+265+300...+300 +8.8%One FC 5: Pride Of A Nation
Eric Kelly-385-420...-420Aug 31st 2012
MMA Fight Pit: Genesis Aug 13th 2011
Jens Pulver+120+170...+170 +18.5%MMA Fight Pit: Genesis
Coty Wheeler-160-230...-230Aug 13th 2011
Titan Fighting Championship 18 May 27th 2011
Jens Pulver-300-260...-260 +3.7%Titan Fighting Championship 18
Brian Davidson+240+200...+200May 27th 2011
WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz Mar 6th 2010
Jens Pulver+120+188...+188 +23.6%WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz
Javier Vazquez-150-205...-205Mar 6th 2010
WEC 41: Brown vs Faber 2 Jun 7th 2009
Jens Pulver+125+200...+200 +25%WEC 41: Brown vs Faber 2
Josh Grispi-155-240...-240Jun 7th 2009
WEC 38: Varner vs Cerrone Jan 25th 2009
Jens Pulver+390+475...+475 +14.8%WEC 38: Varner vs Cerrone
Urijah Faber-590-650...-650Jan 25th 2009
WEC 36: Faber vs Brown Nov 5th 2008
Jens Pulver-195-175...-175 +3.7%WEC 36: Faber vs Brown
Leonard Garcia+160+135...+135Nov 5th 2008
WEC 34: Faber vs Pulver Jun 1st 2008
Jens Pulver+220+280...+280 +15.8%WEC 34: Faber vs Pulver
Urijah Faber-280-310...-310Jun 1st 2008
WEC 31: Faber vs Curran Dec 12th 2007
Jens Pulver-155-140...-140 +4%WEC 31: Faber vs Curran
Cub Swanson+125+120...+120Dec 12th 2007
One FC 6: Rise of Kings Oct 6th 2012
Jens Pulvern/aOne FC 6: Rise of Kings
Yanfei Zhaon/aOct 6th 2012
War On The Mainland Aug 14th 2010
Jens Pulvern/aWar On The Mainland
Diego Garijon/aAug 14th 2010
UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale Jun 23rd 2007
Jens Pulvern/aUFC: The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale
B.J. Pennn/aJun 23rd 2007
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