Josh Barnett
Ronny Markes
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Markes wins inside distance
Not Markes inside distance
Barnett wins inside distance
Not Barnett inside distance
Markes wins by decision
Not Markes by decision
Barnett wins by decision
Not Barnett by decision
Erik Perez
Toby Misech
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Misech wins inside distance
Not Misech inside distance
Perez wins inside distance
Not Perez inside distance
Misech wins by decision
Not Misech by decision
Perez wins by decision
Not Perez by decision
Alejandra Lara
Veta Arteaga
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Arteaga wins inside distance
Not Arteaga inside distance
Lara wins inside distance
Not Lara inside distance
Arteaga wins by decision
Not Arteaga by decision
Lara wins by decision
Not Lara by decision
Braydon Akeo
Tywan Claxton
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Claxton wins inside distance
Not Claxton inside distance
Akeo wins inside distance
Not Akeo inside distance
Claxton wins by decision
Not Claxton by decision
Akeo wins by decision
Not Akeo by decision
Chris Cisneros
Joey Davis
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Davis wins inside distance
Not Davis inside distance
Cisneros wins inside distance
Not Cisneros inside distance
Davis wins by decision
Not Davis by decision
Cisneros wins by decision
Not Cisneros by decision
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Josh Barnett-320-323-373-316-357-360-320-303-267-260-300-300
Ronny Markes+270+259+257+274+265+270+220+230+220+190+240+225
Fight goes to decision+220+220
Fight doesn't go to decision-300-300
Fight is a draw+9500+9500
Fight is not a draw-27500-27500
Markes wins inside distance+430+430
Not Markes inside distance-690-690
Barnett wins inside distance-155-155
Not Barnett inside distance+115+115
Markes wins by decision+750+750
Not Markes by decision-1580-1580
Barnett wins by decision+335+335
Not Barnett by decision-505-505
Erik Perez-355-345-372-346-303-325-360-303-339-285-350-360
Toby Misech+295+270+274+304+230+250+240+230+270+205+250+260
Fight goes to decision-210-210
Fight doesn't go to decision+160+160
Fight is a draw+7500+7500
Fight is not a draw-20000-20000
Misech wins inside distance+600+600
Not Misech inside distance-1200-1200
Perez wins inside distance+235+235
Not Perez inside distance-315-315
Misech wins by decision+459+459
Not Misech by decision-775-775
Perez wins by decision-115-115
Not Perez by decision-125-125
Alejandra Lara-145-154-160-142-147-145-155-125-150-135-150-150
Veta Arteaga+125+127+127+128+115+115+115+100+130+105+120+120
Fight goes to decision-275-275
Fight doesn't go to decision+195+195
Fight is a draw+6000+6000
Fight is not a draw-15000-15000
Arteaga wins inside distance+450+450
Not Arteaga inside distance-750-750
Lara wins inside distance+415+415
Not Lara inside distance-635-635
Arteaga wins by decision+180+180
Not Arteaga by decision-260-260
Lara wins by decision+140+140
Not Lara by decision-180-180
Braydon Akeo+385+401+406+400+330+350+350+320+450+320+425+425
Tywan Claxton-485-556-599-470-455-500-525-455-635-465-600-650
Fight goes to decision+205+205
Fight doesn't go to decision-285-285
Fight is a draw+10000+10000
Fight is not a draw-30000-30000
Claxton wins inside distance-175-175
Not Claxton inside distance+135+135
Akeo wins inside distance+587+587
Not Akeo inside distance-1160-1160
Claxton wins by decision+317+317
Not Claxton by decision-450-450
Akeo wins by decision+700+700
Not Akeo by decision-1500-1500
Chris Cisneros+1000+1026+886+1075+825+850+800+700+1031+800+700+800
Joey Davis-1500-2000-2055-1425-1429-1800-2000-1429-2000-1470-2000-1600
Fight goes to decision+245+245
Fight doesn't go to decision-335-335
Fight is a draw+11000+11000
Fight is not a draw-33000-33000
Davis wins inside distance-260-260
Not Davis inside distance+180+180
Cisneros wins inside distance+1285+1285
Not Cisneros inside distance-2940-2940
Davis wins by decision+290+290
Not Davis by decision-410-410
Cisneros wins by decision+1700+1700
Not Cisneros by decision-5100-5100
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