Terry Martin

MatchupOpenClosing rangeMovementEvent
MFC 29: Conquer Apr 8th 2011
Terry Martin+125+145...+145 +8.2%MFC 29: Conquer
Douglas Lima-155-175...-175Apr 8th 2011
Arena Rumble MMA Sep 12th 2009
Terry Martin-195-225...-225 -4.7%Arena Rumble MMA
Julio Paulino+160+175...+175Sep 12th 2009
XCF: Rumble In Race Town Feb 14th 2009
Terry Martin-250-225...-225 +3.1%XCF: Rumble In Race Town
Zak Cummings+190+175...+175Feb 14th 2009
Strikeforce: Destruction Nov 21st 2008
Terry Martin+110+120...+120 +4.5%Strikeforce: Destruction
Scott Smith-140-150...-150Nov 21st 2008
Strikeforce At The Mansion 2 Sep 20th 2008
Terry Martin-205-150...-150 +10.7%Strikeforce At The Mansion 2
Cory Devela+165+120...+120Sep 20th 2008
Affliction 1: Banned Jul 19th 2008
Terry Martin+260+240...+240 -5.9%Affliction 1: Banned
Vitor Belfort-370-280...-280Jul 19th 2008
Adrenaline MMA 1 Jun 14th 2008
Terry Martin-335-390...-390 -3.4%Adrenaline MMA 1
Daiju Takase+255+300...+300Jun 14th 2008
UFC 81: Breaking Point Feb 2nd 2008
Terry Martin-210-225...-225 -2.2%UFC 81: Breaking Point
Marvin Eastman+175+185...+185Feb 2nd 2008
UFC Fight Night 11: Thomas vs Florian Sep 19th 2007
Terry Martin-200-240...-240 -5.9%UFC Fight Night 11: Thomas vs Florian
Chris Leben+160+200...+200Sep 19th 2007
Superior Cage Combat 4: Grove vs. Silva Feb 16th 2012
Terry Martinn/aSuperior Cage Combat 4: Grove vs. Silva
Tim Rubergn/aFeb 16th 2012
MFC 31: Rundown Oct 7th 2011
Terry Martinn/aMFC 31: Rundown
Allen Hopen/aOct 7th 2011
MFC 31: Rundown Oct 7th 2011
Terry Martinn/aMFC 31: Rundown
Dhiego Liman/aOct 7th 2011
Nemesis Fighting: MMA Global Invasion Dec 13th 2010
Terry Martinn/aNemesis Fighting: MMA Global Invasion
Marcus Hicksn/aDec 13th 2010
War On The Mainland Aug 14th 2010
Terry Martinn/aWar On The Mainland
Jorge Ortizn/aAug 14th 2010
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