Brad Blackburn

MatchupOpenClosing rangeMovementEvent
Bellator Fighting Championships 25 Aug 19th 2010
Brad Blackburn+330+220...+220 -34.4%Bellator Fighting Championships 25
Dan Hornbuckle-450-260...-260Aug 19th 2010
UFC 112: Invincible Apr 10th 2010
Brad Blackburn-170-160...-160 +2.3%UFC 112: Invincible
Damarques Johnson+140+140...+140Apr 10th 2010
UFC Fight Night 20: Maynard vs Diaz Jan 11th 2010
Brad Blackburn+135+125...+125 -4.4%UFC Fight Night 20: Maynard vs Diaz
Amir Sadollah-165-145...-145Jan 11th 2010
UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale Jun 20th 2009
Brad Blackburn-135-120...-120 +5.1%UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale
Edgar Garcia+105+100...+100Jun 20th 2009
UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008 Dec 27th 2008
Brad Blackburn+145+140...+140 -2.1%UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008
Ryo Chonan-175-160...-160Dec 27th 2008
UFC Fight Night 14: Silva vs Irvin Jul 19th 2008
Brad Blackburn-215-220...-220 -0.7%UFC Fight Night 14: Silva vs Irvin
James Giboo+170+180...+180Jul 19th 2008
IFL: New Blood New Battles Apr 4th 2008
Brad Blackburn+200+220...+220 +6.3%IFL: New Blood New Battles
Delson Heleno-260-260...-260Apr 4th 2008
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