Luke Rockhold
Tim Kennedy
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Rockhold wins inside distance
Not Rockhold inside distance
Kennedy wins inside distance
Not Kennedy inside distance
Rockhold wins by decision
Not Rockhold by decision
Kennedy wins by decision
Not Kennedy by decision
Nate Marquardt
Tyron Woodley
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Marquardt wins inside distance
Not Marquardt inside distance
Woodley wins inside distance
Not Woodley inside distance
Marquardt wins by decision
Not Marquardt by decision
Woodley wins by decision
Not Woodley by decision
Keith Jardine
Roger Gracie
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Jardine wins inside distance
Not Jardine inside distance
Gracie wins inside distance
Not Gracie inside distance
Jardine wins by decision
Not Jardine by decision
Gracie wins by decision
Not Gracie by decision
Lorenz Larkin
Robbie Lawler
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Larkin wins inside distance
Not Larkin inside distance
Lawler wins inside distance
Not Lawler inside distance
Larkin wins by decision
Not Larkin by decision
Lawler wins by decision
Not Lawler by decision
Joe Duarte
Ryan Couture
Jorge Masvidal
Justin Wilcox
Mizuto Hirota
Pat Healy
Jason High
Nate Moore
Jordan Mein
Tyler Stinson
Luke Rockhold-320-360 6
Tim Kennedy+290+300 6
Fight goes to decision-140
Fight doesn't go to decision+110
Fight is a draw+8000
Fight is not a draw-21500
Rockhold wins inside distance+180
Not Rockhold inside distance-260
Kennedy wins inside distance+479
Not Kennedy inside distance-835
Rockhold wins by decision+108
Not Rockhold by decision-148
Kennedy wins by decision+554
Not Kennedy by decision-1060
Nate Marquardt+100+100 6
Tyron Woodley-110-120 6
Fight goes to decision-115
Fight doesn't go to decision-115
Fight is a draw+5500
Fight is not a draw-13500
Marquardt wins inside distance+124
Not Marquardt inside distance-164
Woodley wins inside distance+655
Not Woodley inside distance-1365
Marquardt wins by decision+821
Not Marquardt by decision-1721
Woodley wins by decision+120
Not Woodley by decision-160
Keith Jardine+190+175 6
Roger Gracie-210-205 6
Fight goes to decision+145
Fight doesn't go to decision-175
Fight is a draw+8500
Fight is not a draw-23000
Jardine wins inside distance+492
Not Jardine inside distance-875
Gracie wins inside distance-115
Not Gracie inside distance-125
Jardine wins by decision+321
Not Jardine by decision-462
Gracie wins by decision+378
Not Gracie by decision-568
Lorenz Larkin-145-140 6
Robbie Lawler+135+120 6
Fight goes to decision+120
Fight doesn't go to decision-160
Fight is a draw+6000
Fight is not a draw-15000
Larkin wins inside distance+189
Not Larkin inside distance-269
Lawler wins inside distance+208
Not Lawler inside distance-288
Larkin wins by decision+225
Not Larkin by decision-305
Lawler wins by decision+500
Not Lawler by decision-900
Joe Duarte+130+140
Ryan Couture-140-160
Jorge Masvidal-210-215
Justin Wilcox+190+185
Mizuto Hirota+430+405
Pat Healy-495-500
Jason High-170-180
Nate Moore+160+160
Jordan Mein-161-190
Tyler Stinson+151+165
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