Chuck Liddell
Tito Ortiz
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Ortiz wins inside distance
Not Ortiz inside distance
Liddell wins inside distance
Not Liddell inside distance
Ortiz wins by decision
Not Ortiz by decision
Liddell wins by decision
Not Liddell by decision
Deron Winn
Tom Lawlor
Jorge Gonzalez
Kenneth Bergh
Efrain Escudero
Gleison Tibau
Ricardo Palacios
Walel Watson
Jay Silva
Oscar Cota
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Chuck Liddell+305+285+250+314+250+225+270+260+236+210+275+290+285
Tito Ortiz-365-365-345-356-333-285-350-345-272-290-402-355-400
Over 1½ rounds+155+150+155+125+150
Under 1½ rounds-175-190-175-155-190
Fight goes to decision+380+380
Fight doesn't go to decision-570-570
Fight is a draw+8500+8500
Fight is not a draw-23000-23000
Ortiz wins inside distance-220-220
Not Ortiz inside distance+166+166
Liddell wins inside distance+402+402
Not Liddell inside distance-605-605
Ortiz wins by decision+565+565+500
Not Ortiz by decision-1095-1095n/a
Liddell wins by decision+800+800+1000
Not Liddell by decision-1700-1700n/a
Deron Winn-290-300-350-283-333-350-333-330-350-300-310 
Tom Lawlor+245+230+265+252+250+270+240+230+245+250+230 
Jorge Gonzalez+120+120+126+120+130 
Kenneth Bergh-160-150-154-161-150 
Efrain Escudero+130+120+120+133+110+110+138+105+115+130+115 
Gleison Tibau-150-150-150-147-139-150-189-135-150-150-145 
Ricardo Palacios-525-524-550-509-455-525-500-545-550-485-550 
Walel Watson+415+394+385+431+350+350+333+360+350+385+370 
Jay Silva+210+200+195+216+200+175+175+195+185+185+190 
Oscar Cota-250-250-250-244-250-245-250-265-260-220-250 
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