Alex Munoz
Nick Newell
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Newell wins inside distance
Not Newell inside distance
Munoz wins inside distance
Not Munoz inside distance
Newell wins by decision
Not Newell by decision
Munoz wins by decision
Not Munoz by decision
Chris Birchler
Jim Crute
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Crute wins inside distance
Not Crute inside distance
Birchler wins inside distance
Not Birchler inside distance
Crute wins by decision
Not Crute by decision
Birchler wins by decision
Not Birchler by decision
Mike Davis
Sodiq Yusuff
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Yusuff wins inside distance
Not Yusuff inside distance
Davis wins inside distance
Not Davis inside distance
Yusuff wins by decision
Not Yusuff by decision
Davis wins by decision
Not Davis by decision
Jeff Hughes
Josh Appelt
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Hughes wins inside distance
Not Hughes inside distance
Hughes wins by decision
Not Hughes by decision
Canaan Kawaihae
Chase Hooper
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Hooper wins inside distance
Not Hooper inside distance
Kawaihae wins inside distance
Not Kawaihae inside distance
Hooper wins by decision
Not Hooper by decision
Kawaihae wins by decision
Not Kawaihae by decision
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Alex Munoz-115-115-121-112+105-115-125-110-125+120-120
Nick Newell-105-115-109-102-135-115-110-108-105-140-110
Over 1½ rounds-155-159-155-157-170
Under 1½ rounds+125+129+125+131+140
Fight goes to decision+155+155
Fight doesn't go to decision-195-195
Fight is a draw+8000+8000
Fight is not a draw-21500-21500
Newell wins inside distance+145+145
Not Newell inside distance-185-185
Munoz wins inside distance+245+245
Not Munoz inside distance-335-335
Newell wins by decision+425+425
Not Newell by decision-675-675
Munoz wins by decision+240+240
Not Munoz by decision-320-320
Chris Birchler+425+445+466+444+425+450+400+475+435+450+450
Jim Crute-550-645-734-531-650-650-667-665-670-600-700
Over 1½ rounds-130-138-130-133-135-140
Under 1½ rounds+100+109+100+112+105+110
Fight goes to decision+170+170
Fight doesn't go to decision-230-230
Fight is a draw+9000+9000
Fight is not a draw-25000-25000
Crute wins inside distance-165-165
Not Crute inside distance+125+125
Birchler wins inside distance+575+575
Not Birchler inside distance-1125-1125
Crute wins by decision+220+220
Not Crute by decision-300-300
Birchler wins by decision+560+560
Not Birchler by decision-1080-1080
Mike Davis-225-235-258-219-260-250-250-235-320-235-250
Sodiq Yusuff+185+190+202+191+200+200+175+193+230+200+190
Over 1½ rounds+115+101+115+108+100+105
Under 1½ rounds-145-130-145-128-130-135
Fight goes to decision+260+260
Fight doesn't go to decision-380-380
Fight is a draw+9500+9500
Fight is not a draw-27500-27500
Yusuff wins inside distance+275+275
Not Yusuff inside distance-395-395
Davis wins inside distance-150-150
Not Davis inside distance+110+110
Yusuff wins by decision+550+550
Not Yusuff by decision-1050-1050
Davis wins by decision+385+385
Not Davis by decision-585-585
Jeff Hughes-275-304-269-310-295-303-305-375-300-320
Josh Appelt+235+243+241+240+230+225+245+260+250+235
Over 1½ rounds-105-125-105-105-110-105
Under 1½ rounds-125-106-125-113-120-125
Hughes wins inside distance-140-140
Not Hughes inside distance+100+100
Hughes wins by decision+265+265
Not Hughes by decision-385-385
Canaan Kawaihae+105+113+108-105+115+105+113+120+108+100
Chase Hooper-125-143-122-125-145-143-135-150-128-130
Over 1½ rounds-105-105-128-120-125
Under 1½ rounds-125-125+108-110-105
Fight goes to decision+175+175
Fight doesn't go to decision-245-245
Fight is a draw+8500+8500
Fight is not a draw-23000-23000
Hooper wins inside distance+110+110
Not Hooper inside distance-150-150
Kawaihae wins inside distance+160+160
Not Kawaihae inside distance-210-210
Hooper wins by decision+325+325
Not Hooper by decision-475-475
Kawaihae wins by decision+550+550
Not Kawaihae by decision-1050-1050
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