Muhammed Lawal
Quinton Jackson
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight starts round 2
Fight won't start round 2
Fight starts round 3
Fight won't start round 3
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Jackson wins by TKO/KO
Any other result
Lawal wins by TKO/KO
Any other result
Jackson wins by submission
Any other result
Lawal wins by submission
Any other result
Jackson wins inside distance
Not Jackson inside distance
Lawal wins inside distance
Not Lawal inside distance
Lawal wins by decision
Not Lawal by decision
Jackson wins by decision
Not Jackson by decision
Lawal wins in round 1
Any other result
Jackson wins in round 1
Any other result
Lawal wins in round 2
Any other result
Jackson wins in round 2
Any other result
Lawal wins in round 3
Any other result
Jackson wins in round 3
Any other result
Jackson points handicap -3½
Lawal points handicap +3½
Michael Chandler
Will Brooks
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Brooks wins inside distance
Not Brooks inside distance
Chandler wins inside distance
Not Chandler inside distance
Brooks wins by decision
Not Brooks by decision
Chandler wins by decision
Not Chandler by decision
Alexander Shlemenko
Tito Ortiz
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Shlemenko wins inside distance
Not Shlemenko inside distance
Ortiz wins inside distance
Not Ortiz inside distance
Shlemenko wins by decision
Not Shlemenko by decision
Ortiz wins by decision
Not Ortiz by decision
Alexander Volkov
Blagoi Ivanov
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Ivanov wins inside distance
Not Ivanov inside distance
Volkov wins inside distance
Not Volkov inside distance
Ivanov wins by decision
Not Ivanov by decision
Volkov wins by decision
Not Volkov by decision
Michael Page
Ricky Rainey
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Rainey wins inside distance
Not Rainey inside distance
Page wins inside distance
Not Page inside distance
Rainey wins by decision
Not Rainey by decision
Page wins by decision
Not Page by decision
Cheick Kongo
Eric Smith
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fabricio Guerreiro
Shahbulat Shamhalaev
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Goiti Yamauchi
Mike Richman
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Marcin Held
Nate Jolly
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
5DimesBetDSIBookMakerBovadaSportBetSportsbookWilliam H.PinnacleSportsInt.SBG GlobalTheGreekBetOnlineBetUSProps
Muhammed Lawal+185+181+181+160+180+160+170+150+180+180+175+16020 
Quinton Jackson-200-212-212-200-205-195-189-208-230-250-205-20020 
Over 2½ rounds-165-170-170-175-170-158-222-190-160-175
Under 2½ rounds+145+145+145+125+140+135+155+140+130+145
Fight goes to decision-150-150
Fight doesn't go to decision+120+120
Fight starts round 2-400-400
Fight won't start round 2+310+310
Fight starts round 3-200-200
Fight won't start round 3+163+163
Fight is a draw+9000+7500+9000
Fight is not a draw-25000n/a-25000
Jackson wins by TKO/KO+170+170+170
Any other result-230n/a-230
Lawal wins by TKO/KO+700+600+700
Any other result-1500n/a-1500
Jackson wins by submission+1970+1500+1970
Any other result-5900n/a-5900
Lawal wins by submission+2095+1500+2095
Any other result-6275n/a-6275
Jackson wins inside distance+185+170+185
Not Jackson inside distance-245n/a-245
Lawal wins inside distance+608+500+608
Not Lawal inside distance-1067n/a-1067
Lawal wins by decision+300+265+300
Not Lawal by decision-390n/a-390
Jackson wins by decision+169+160+169
Not Jackson by decision-212n/a-212
Lawal wins in round 1+1150+1000+1150
Any other result-2450n/a-2450
Jackson wins in round 1+400+375+400
Any other result-600n/a-600
Lawal wins in round 2+1450+1400+1450
Any other result-4050n/a-4050
Jackson wins in round 2+600+600+600
Any other result-1200n/a-1200
Lawal wins in round 3+2550+2500+2550
Any other result-7900n/a-7900
Jackson wins in round 3+1150+1100+1150
Any other result-2450n/a-2450
Jackson points handicap -3½-115-115
Lawal points handicap +3½-115-115
Michael Chandler-1000-1200-1100-1100-1040-1500-1051-1131-1100-1000-1200-1200
Will Brooks+800+760+720+650+760+800+751+533+650+525+775+750
Over 2½ rounds+155+160+160+135+150+160+105+140+155+145
Under 2½ rounds-175-185-185-190-180-189-147-190-185-175
Fight goes to decision+320+320
Fight doesn't go to decision-425-425
Fight is a draw+12000+6500+12000
Fight is not a draw-36000n/a-36000
Brooks wins inside distance+1550+900+1550
Not Brooks inside distance-3875n/a-3875
Chandler wins inside distance-350-400-350
Not Chandler inside distance+260n/a+260
Brooks wins by decision+1175+1000+1175
Not Brooks by decision-2185n/a-2185
Chandler wins by decision+449+400+449
Not Chandler by decision-670n/a-670
Alexander Shlemenko-410-415-415-400-417-425-372-465-430-500-390-400
Tito Ortiz+365+330+330+300+358+315+323+285+340+325+325+300
Over 1½ rounds-110-115-115-125-115-125-159-125-115-120
Under 1½ rounds-110-105-105-115-115+107+115-115-115-110
Fight goes to decision+205+205
Fight doesn't go to decision-265-265
Fight is a draw+11000+6500+11000
Fight is not a draw-33000n/a-33000
Shlemenko wins inside distance-195-220-195
Not Shlemenko inside distance+160n/a+160
Ortiz wins inside distance+930+800+930
Not Ortiz inside distance-1650n/a-1650
Shlemenko wins by decision+400+375+400
Not Shlemenko by decision-550n/a-550
Ortiz wins by decision+490+450+490
Not Ortiz by decision-775n/a-775
Alexander Volkov+105+100+100-110+103+110+101+119-110+115+105-105
Blagoi Ivanov-115-120-120-120-117-140-111-165-120-150-125-125
Over 1½ rounds-125-125-125-135-130-123-152-130-125-125
Under 1½ rounds+105+105+105-105+100+105+110-110-105-105
Fight goes to decision+220+220
Fight doesn't go to decision-280-280
Fight is a draw+10000+7500+10000
Fight is not a draw-30000n/a-30000
Ivanov wins inside distance+260+230+260
Not Ivanov inside distance-350n/a-350
Volkov wins inside distance+120+110+120
Not Volkov inside distance-150n/a-150
Ivanov wins by decision+350+325+350
Not Ivanov by decision-485n/a-485
Volkov wins by decision+500+450+500
Not Volkov by decision-800n/a-800
Michael Page-525-475-475-550-531-450-502-483-500-500-500-500
Ricky Rainey+450+370+370+375+444+325+425+340+300+325+385+350
Over 1½ rounds+190+185+185+170+180+170+160+175+185+165
Under 1½ rounds-230-220-220-250-240-201-233-235-225-210
Fight goes to decision+440+440
Fight doesn't go to decision-650-650
Fight is a draw+12500+11000+12500
Fight is not a draw-37500n/a-37500
Rainey wins inside distance+605+500+605
Not Rainey inside distance-1060n/a-1060
Page wins inside distance-315-350-315
Not Page inside distance+246n/a+246
Rainey wins by decision+900+700+900
Not Rainey by decision-1610n/a-1610
Page wins by decision+700+650+700
Not Page by decision-1300n/a-1300
Cheick Kongo-725-755-755-800-744-800-730-1035-750-700-720-800
Eric Smith+585+540+540+500+576+550+590+481+450+415+545+500
Over 1½ rounds+155+155+155+130+150+145+159+160+147+160
Under 1½ rounds-175-180-180-180-180-171-232-200-177-200
Fabricio Guerreiro+295+280+280+285+289+285+305+251+250+225+285+250
Shahbulat Shamhalaev-325-340-340-375-331-370-350-387-330-320-350-350
Over 1½ rounds-145-145-145-155-150-140-166-160-145-150
Under 1½ rounds+125+125+125+110+120+120+120+120+115+120
Goiti Yamauchi+190+192+187+180+186+177+191+171+180+175+185+180
Mike Richman-210-230-224-230-214-220-213-248-230-240-220-230
Over 2½ rounds-105-120-105-135-110-108-138-130-110-130
Under 2½ rounds-115+100-115-105-120-108-100-110-120+100
Marcin Held-1175-1700-1700-1600-1304-1500-1501-2857-1500-1780-1600-1800
Nate Jolly+975+970+970+800+971+800+1001+800+700+780+900+800
Over 1½ rounds+165+175+175+150+160+177+149+140+165+160
Under 1½ rounds-190-205-205-210-195-210-211-190-205-200
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