Daniel Straus
Pat Curran
Over 4½ rounds
Under 4½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Straus wins inside distance
Not Straus inside distance
Curran wins inside distance
Not Curran inside distance
Straus wins by decision
Not Straus by decision
Curran wins by decision
Not Curran by decision
Cristiano Souza
Sam Oropeza
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Andrey Koreshkov
Nah-Shon Burrell
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Adam McDonough
Jesse Juarez
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Nathan Coy
Paul Bradley
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Darrion Caldwell
Lance Surma
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Daniel Straus-140-140-140-142-145-135-138-141-140
Pat Curran+130+120+120+128+115+105+125+110+120
Over 4½ rounds-215-210-210-215-210-208-238-210
Under 4½ rounds+170+180+180+170+150+175+167+170
Fight goes to decision-210-210
Fight doesn't go to decision+160+160
Fight is a draw+8000+8000
Fight is not a draw-21500-21500
Curran wins inside distance+285+285
Not Curran inside distance-405-405
Straus wins inside distance+496+496
Not Straus inside distance-887-887
Curran wins by decision+301+301
Not Curran by decision-421-421
Straus wins by decision+115+115
Not Straus by decision-155-155
Cristiano Souza-192-190-193-196-210-200-199-217-200
Sam Oropeza+177+162+164+174+170+165+179+170+170
Over 1½ rounds-165-160-160-165-170-165-189-160
Under 1½ rounds+135+135+135+135+120+140+135+130
Andrey Koreshkov-345-400-400-351-400-400-376-400-375
Nah-Shon Burrell+315+320+320+309+300+300+326+300+310
Over 2½ rounds-160-160-160-160-155-158-159-155
Under 2½ rounds+130+135+135+130+110+135+115+125
Adam McDonough+175+165+165+171+160+180+175+160+170
Jesse Juarez-190-195-195-199-200-225-195-208-200
Over 2½ rounds-150-145-145-150-135-140-147-135
Under 2½ rounds+120+125+125+120-105+120+105+105
Fight is a draw+8000+8000
Fight is not a draw-21500-21500
Nathan Coy+115+110+110+113+105+120+113+105+105
Paul Bradley-125-130-130-127-135-150-125-135-125
Over 2½ rounds-240-215-215-240-230-220-263-220
Under 2½ rounds+180+182+182+180+160+185+180+180
Darrion Caldwell-1400 
Lance Surma+750 
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