Patricio Freire
Pedro Carvalho
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Freire wins inside distance
Not Freire inside distance
Carvalho wins inside distance
Not Carvalho inside distance
Freire wins by decision
Not Freire by decision
Carvalho wins by decision
Not Carvalho by decision
Daniel Weichel
Emmanuel Sanchez
Over 4½ rounds
Under 4½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Weichel wins inside distance
Not Weichel inside distance
Sanchez wins inside distance
Not Sanchez inside distance
Weichel wins by decision
Not Weichel by decision
Sanchez wins by decision
Not Sanchez by decision
Logan Storley
Yaroslav Amosov
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Storley wins inside distance
Not Storley inside distance
Amosov wins inside distance
Not Amosov inside distance
Storley wins by decision
Not Storley by decision
Amosov wins by decision
Not Amosov by decision
Andrew Salas
Lucas Brennan
Devin Powell
Manny Muro
Jornel Lugo
Schyler Sootho
Pat Casey
Roman Faraldo
Khonry Gracie
Trevor Gudde
Emilee King
Keri Melendez
Aaron Pico
John Dejesus
Patricio Freire-500-720-800 7
Pedro Carvalho+360+510+550 7
Over 1½ rounds-135-150
Under 1½ rounds-105+120
Fight goes to decision+285
Fight doesn't go to decision-405
Fight is a draw+7500
Fight is not a draw-20000
Freire wins inside distance-300
Not Freire inside distance+220
Carvalho wins inside distance+675
Not Carvalho inside distance-1425
Freire wins by decision+365
Not Freire by decision-555
Carvalho wins by decision+1000
Not Carvalho by decision-2000
Daniel Weichel+205+235+205 7
Emmanuel Sanchez-250-275-265 7
Over 4½ rounds-227-225
Under 4½ rounds+175+175
Fight goes to decision-210
Fight doesn't go to decision+160
Fight is a draw+5000
Fight is not a draw-12500
Weichel wins inside distance+495
Not Weichel inside distance-785
Sanchez wins inside distance+320
Not Sanchez inside distance-425
Weichel wins by decision+350
Not Weichel by decision-485
Sanchez wins by decision+105
Not Sanchez by decision-135
Logan Storley+170+170+179 7
Yaroslav Amosov-213-200-219 7
Over 2½ rounds-270-300
Under 2½ rounds+210+240
Fight goes to decision-245
Fight doesn't go to decision+175
Fight is a draw+5000
Fight is not a draw-12500
Storley wins inside distance+625
Not Storley inside distance-1275
Amosov wins inside distance+225
Not Amosov inside distance-305
Storley wins by decision+235
Not Storley by decision-315
Amosov wins by decision+130
Not Amosov by decision-170
Andrew Salas+330+450+500
Lucas Brennan-455-675-700
Devin Powell-286-280-285
Manny Muro+220+220+225
Jornel Lugo-345-300-325
Schyler Sootho+260+240+250
Pat Casey+220+235+285
Roman Faraldo-286-295-360
Khonry Gracie-556-650-640
Trevor Gudde+390+440+465
Emilee King+360+385+425
Keri Melendez-500-535-600
Aaron Pico-833-1175-1000
John Dejesus+525+650+700
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