Douglas Lima
Gegard Mousasi
Over 4½ rounds
Under 4½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Lima wins inside distance
Not Lima inside distance
Mousasi wins inside distance
Not Mousasi inside distance
Lima wins by decision
Not Lima by decision
Mousasi wins by decision
Not Mousasi by decision
Brandon Girtz
Henry Corrales
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Girtz wins inside distance
Not Girtz inside distance
Corrales wins inside distance
Not Corrales inside distance
Girtz wins by decision
Not Girtz by decision
Corrales wins by decision
Not Corrales by decision
Adam Borics
Erick Sanchez
Johnny Eblen
Taylor Johnson
Cody Law
Orlando Ortega
Dalton Rosta
Ty Gwerder
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Rosta wins inside distance
Not Rosta inside distance
Gwerder wins inside distance
Not Gwerder inside distance
Rosta wins by decision
Not Rosta by decision
Gwerder wins by decision
Not Gwerder by decision
Bobby Voelker
Sabah Homasi
Brandon Carlton
Jake Hager
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Douglas Lima+142+129+140+145+145+140+144+138+145+135+130+135
Gegard Mousasi-162-156-177-159-175-170-164-175-173-170-175-175
Over 4½ rounds-135-145-135-144-150
Under 4½ rounds+105+115+105+120+120
Fight goes to decision-125-125
Fight doesn't go to decision-105-105
Fight is a draw+5500+5500
Fight is not a draw-13500-13500
Lima wins inside distance+360+360
Not Lima inside distance-540-540
Mousasi wins inside distance+215+215
Not Mousasi inside distance-295-295
Lima wins by decision+335+335
Not Lima by decision-505-505
Mousasi wins by decision+170+170
Not Mousasi by decision-230-230
Brandon Girtz+215+192+212+221+265+225+200+210+205+240+200+200
Henry Corrales-255-238-277-249-357-285-260-278-253-330-285-260
Over 2½ rounds+100-115+100-113-120
Under 2½ rounds-130-115-130-105-110
Fight goes to decision+120+120
Fight doesn't go to decision-160-160
Fight is a draw+6000+6000
Fight is not a draw-15000-15000
Girtz wins inside distance+350+350
Not Girtz inside distance-530-530
Corrales wins inside distance+130+130
Not Corrales inside distance-170-170
Girtz wins by decision+590+590
Not Girtz by decision-1170-1170
Corrales wins by decision+190+190
Not Corrales by decision-270-270
Adam Borics-675-526-879-641-556-700-800-500-753-800 
Erick Sanchez+450+392+536+484+390+450+550+350+490+460 
Johnny Eblen-110+104+110-106+100+105-118+100+111+110 
Taylor Johnson-120-125-140-116-132-135-112-125-130-150 
Cody Law-365-333-402-352-345-340-365-303-375-375 
Orlando Ortega+275+262+293+288+260+260+290+230+285+250 
Dalton Rosta-185-147-185-181-152-175-181-175-192-185
Ty Gwerder+160+122+146+164+120+145+151+138+161+140
Over 1½ rounds+105-110+105
Under 1½ rounds-135-120-135
Fight goes to decision+250+250
Fight doesn't go to decision-350-350
Fight is a draw+6500+6500
Fight is not a draw-16500-16500
Rosta wins inside distance-120-120
Not Rosta inside distance-120-120
Gwerder wins inside distance+250+250
Not Gwerder inside distance-350-350
Rosta wins by decision+589+589
Not Rosta by decision-1165-1165
Gwerder wins by decision+460+460
Not Gwerder by decision-780-780
Bobby Voelker+320+245+284+336+240+290+350+250+295+350 
Sabah Homasi-425-313-387-409-323-380-450-333-390-525 
Brandon Carlton+500+474+623+545+475+525+600+400+560+460 
Jake Hager-800-667-1100-755-714-850-900-588-906-800 
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