Cheick Kongo
Tony Johnson
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Kongo wins inside distance
Not Kongo inside distance
Kongo wins by decision
Not Kongo by decision
Joe Warren
Sirwan Kakai
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Warren wins inside distance
Not Warren inside distance
Kakai wins inside distance
Not Kakai inside distance
Warren wins by decision
Not Warren by decision
Kakai wins by decision
Not Kakai by decision
Kakai (scorecards = no action)
Warren (scorecards = no action)
Anastasia Yankova
Veta Arteaga
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Yankova wins inside distance
Not Yankova inside distance
Arteaga wins inside distance
Not Arteaga inside distance
Yankova wins by decision
Not Yankova by decision
Arteaga wins by decision
Not Arteaga by decision
Arteaga (scorecards = no action)
Yankova (scorecards = no action)
Derek Campos
Djamil Chan
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Campos wins inside distance
Not Campos inside distance
Chan wins inside distance
Not Chan inside distance
Campos wins by decision
Not Campos by decision
Chan wins by decision
Not Chan by decision
Campos (scorecards = no action)
Chan (scorecards = no action)
Cheick Kongo+120+120 3
Tony Johnson-140-140 3
Over 2½ rounds-165-175
Under 2½ rounds+145+145
Kongo wins inside distance+366
Not Kongo inside distance-556
Kongo wins by decision+248
Not Kongo by decision-342
Joe Warren+155+155 8
Sirwan Kakai-175-180 8
Over 2½ rounds-190-185
Under 2½ rounds+165+155
Fight goes to decision-170
Fight doesn't go to decision+130
Fight is a draw+6000
Fight is not a draw-15000
Warren wins inside distance+573
Not Warren inside distance-1117
Kakai wins inside distance+200
Not Kakai inside distance-280
Warren wins by decision+233
Not Warren by decision-313
Kakai wins by decision+175
Not Kakai by decision-245
Kakai (scorecards = no action)-318
Warren (scorecards = no action)+238
Anastasia Yankova-470-500 8
Veta Arteaga+375+385 8
Over 1½ rounds-105+100
Under 1½ rounds-115-130
Fight goes to decision+168
Fight doesn't go to decision-225
Fight is a draw+9000
Fight is not a draw-25000
Yankova wins inside distance-124
Not Yankova inside distance-116
Arteaga wins inside distance+427
Not Arteaga inside distance-680
Yankova wins by decision+250
Not Yankova by decision-280
Arteaga wins by decision+1417
Not Arteaga by decision-3750
Arteaga (scorecards = no action)+273
Yankova (scorecards = no action)-393
Derek Campos-120-115 8
Djamil Chan+100-105 8
Over 1½ rounds-130-135
Under 1½ rounds+110+105
Fight goes to decision+180
Fight doesn't go to decision-260
Fight is a draw+7500
Fight is not a draw-20000
Campos wins inside distance+159
Not Campos inside distance-205
Chan wins inside distance+170
Not Chan inside distance-230
Campos wins by decision+370
Not Campos by decision-560
Chan wins by decision+490
Not Chan by decision-870
Campos (scorecards = no action)-110
Chan (scorecards = no action)-130
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