Cheick Kongo
Vinicius Queiroz
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Kongo wins inside distance
Not Kongo inside distance
Queiroz wins inside distance
Not Queiroz inside distance
Kongo wins by decision
Not Kongo by decision
Queiroz wins by decision
Not Queiroz by decision
Kongo (scorecards = no action)
Queiroz (scorecards = no action)
Bobby Cooper
David Rickels
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Cooper wins inside distance
Not Cooper inside distance
Rickels wins inside distance
Not Rickels inside distance
Cooper wins by decision
Not Cooper by decision
Rickels wins by decision
Not Rickels by decision
Cooper (scorecards = no action)
Rickels (scorecards = no action)
Francisco France
Kendall Grove
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
France wins inside distance
Not France inside distance
Grove wins inside distance
Not Grove inside distance
France wins by decision
Not France by decision
Grove wins by decision
Not Grove by decision
France (scorecards = no action)
Grove (scorecards = no action)
Lena Ovchynnikova
Rebecca Ruth
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Ovchynnikova wins inside distance
Not Ovchynnikova inside distance
Ruth wins inside distance
Not Ruth inside distance
Ovchynnikova wins by decision
Not Ovchynnikova by decision
Ruth wins by decision
Not Ruth by decision
Ovchynnikova (scorecards = no action)
Ruth (scorecards = no action)
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Cheick Kongo-125-125-122-145-130-124-175-150-125
Vinicius Queiroz+105+105+108+115+110+110+135+110+105
Over 1½ rounds-145-150-145-150-146-130-150
Under 1½ rounds+125+130+125+120+125+100+130
Fight goes to decision+135+135
Fight doesn't go to decision-175-175
Fight is a draw+18500+18500
Fight is not a draw-55500-55500
Kongo wins inside distance+180+180
Not Kongo inside distance-260-260
Queiroz wins inside distance+179+179
Not Queiroz inside distance-255-255
Kongo wins by decision+195+195
Not Kongo by decision-275-275
Queiroz wins by decision+550+550
Not Queiroz by decision-1050-1050
Kongo (scorecards = no action)-110-110
Queiroz (scorecards = no action)-130-130
Bobby Cooper+470+460+495+375+455+455+375+375+450
David Rickels-640-600-615-550-605-605-560-600-600
Over 2½ rounds-165-164-165-175-171-195-164
Under 2½ rounds+145+139+145+145+145+155+139
Fight goes to decision-150-150
Fight doesn't go to decision+110+110
Fight is a draw+16500+16500
Fight is not a draw-48500-48500
Cooper wins inside distance+778+778
Not Cooper inside distance-1632-1632
Rickels wins inside distance+140+140
Not Rickels inside distance-180-180
Cooper wins by decision+663+663
Not Cooper by decision-1387-1387
Rickels wins by decision-120-120
Not Rickels by decision-120-120
Cooper (scorecards = no action)+346+346
Rickels (scorecards = no action)-517-517
Francisco France+110+113+113+120+110+110+130-105+113
Kendall Grove-130-133-127-150-130-124-165-135-133
Over 2½ rounds-130-130-130-135-129-140-130
Under 2½ rounds+110+110+110+105+110+110+110
Fight goes to decision-110-110
Fight doesn't go to decision-130-130
Fight is a draw+15500+15500
Fight is not a draw-46500-46500
France wins inside distance+285+285
Not France inside distance-405-405
Grove wins inside distance+180+180
Not Grove inside distance-260-260
France wins by decision+245+245
Not France by decision-335-335
Grove wins by decision+259+259
Not Grove by decision-375-375
France (scorecards = no action)+148+148
Grove (scorecards = no action)-188-188
Lena Ovchynnikova-185-195-181-200-185-187-210-210-195
Rebecca Ruth+160+165+164+160+160+165+160+155+165
Over 2½ rounds+120+130+120+115+120+115+130
Under 2½ rounds-140-150-140-145-140-145-150
Fight goes to decision+145+145
Fight doesn't go to decision-185-185
Fight is a draw+17500+17500
Fight is not a draw-52500-52500
Ovchynnikova wins inside distance+155+155
Not Ovchynnikova inside distance-195-195
Ruth wins inside distance+244+244
Not Ruth inside distance-330-330
Ovchynnikova wins by decision+250+250
Not Ovchynnikova by decision-350-350
Ruth wins by decision+425+425
Not Ruth by decision-675-675
Ovchynnikova (scorecards = no action)-160-160
Ruth (scorecards = no action)+120+120
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