Emanuel Newton
Linton Vassell
Over 3½ rounds
Under 3½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Newton wins inside distance
Not Newton inside distance
Vassell wins inside distance
Not Vassell inside distance
Newton wins by decision
Not Newton by decision
Vassell wins by decision
Not Vassell by decision
Bobby Lashley
Karl Etherington
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Lashley wins inside distance
Not Lashley inside distance
Etherington wins inside distance
Not Etherington inside distance
Lashley wins by decision
Not Lashley by decision
Etherington wins by decision
Not Etherington by decision
Annalisa Bucci
Marloes Coenen
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Bucci wins inside distance
Not Bucci inside distance
Coenen wins inside distance
Not Coenen inside distance
Bucci wins by decision
Not Bucci by decision
Coenen wins by decision
Not Coenen by decision
Dave Jansen
Rick Hawn
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Jansen wins inside distance
Not Jansen inside distance
Hawn wins inside distance
Not Hawn inside distance
Jansen wins by decision
Not Jansen by decision
Hawn wins by decision
Not Hawn by decision
Aaron Derrow
Nate Jolly
Anthony Dizy
Darrion Caldwell
Gary Tapusoa
Sam Oropeza
Davi Ramos
David Rickels
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Emanuel Newton-330-345-330-340-404-356-331-295-345
Linton Vassell+300+285+270+260+272+310+289+230+285
Over 3½ rounds+110-105-115-110-108+115-105
Under 3½ rounds-130-115-115-130-108-135-115
Fight goes to decision+150+150
Fight doesn't go to decision-190-190
Fight is a draw+12000+8000+12000
Fight is not a draw-36000n/a-36000
Newton wins inside distance-105-125-105
Not Newton inside distance-135n/a-135
Vassell wins inside distance+404+475+404
Not Vassell inside distance-610n/a-610
Newton wins by decision+223+240+223
Not Newton by decision-303n/a-303
Vassell wins by decision+651+475+651
Not Vassell by decision-1352n/a-1352
Bobby Lashley-1000-984-1000-1100-1247-1000-1040-800-984
Karl Etherington+800+691+675+650+599+700+760+550+691
Over 1½ rounds+215+205+210+170+185+220+200+205
Under 1½ rounds-255-245-270-250-251-265-260-245
Fight goes to decision+450+450
Fight doesn't go to decision-750-750
Fight is a draw+15000+8000+15000
Fight is not a draw-45000n/a-45000
Lashley wins inside distance-430-450-430
Not Lashley inside distance+310n/a+310
Etherington wins inside distance+872+700+872
Not Etherington inside distance-1783n/a-1783
Lashley wins by decision+555+475+555
Not Lashley by decision-1065n/a-1065
Etherington wins by decision+1640+1200+1640
Not Etherington by decision-4910n/a-4910
Annalisa Bucci+635+575+590+550+506+600+616+650+575
Marloes Coenen-800-800-815-900-1021-900-809-1000-800
Over 1½ rounds-155-170-165-180-180-171-160-174
Under 1½ rounds+135+145+135+130+143+145+130+149
Fight goes to decision+125+125
Fight doesn't go to decision-165-165
Fight is a draw+11500+8000+11500
Fight is not a draw-34500n/a-34500
Bucci wins inside distance+1300+1200+1300
Not Bucci inside distance-3000n/a-3000
Coenen wins inside distance-145-155-145
Not Coenen inside distance+105n/a+105
Bucci wins by decision+760+650+760
Not Bucci by decision-1600n/a-1600
Coenen wins by decision+178+165+178
Not Coenen by decision-252n/a-252
Dave Jansen+160+161+165+160+170+166+164+160+161
Rick Hawn-185-190-190-200-232-185-181-195-190
Over 2½ rounds-215-210-210-230-227-201-215-210
Under 2½ rounds+170+180+170+160+175+170+170+180
Fight goes to decision-190-190
Fight doesn't go to decision+150+150
Fight is a draw+9000+6500+9000
Fight is not a draw-25000n/a-25000
Jansen wins inside distance+428+425+428
Not Jansen inside distance-682n/a-682
Hawn wins inside distance+299+260+299
Not Hawn inside distance-419n/a-419
Jansen wins by decision+330+300+330
Not Jansen by decision-490n/a-490
Hawn wins by decision+114+110+114
Not Hawn by decision-154n/a-154
Aaron Derrow+135+135+139  
Nate Jolly-165-165-161  
Anthony Dizy+350+350+370+475  
Darrion Caldwell-485-500-465-675  
Gary Tapusoa+300+285+313  
Sam Oropeza-390-375-377  
Davi Ramos+135+160+139+155  
David Rickels-165-200-161-190  
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