Austen Heidlage
Philipe Lins
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Eric Prindle
James Thompson
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Fight starts round 2
Fight won't start round 2
Fight starts round 3
Fight won't start round 3
Fight is a draw
Fight is not a draw
Thompson wins by TKO/KO
Any other result
Prindle wins by TKO/KO
Any other result
Thompson wins by submission
Any other result
Prindle wins by submission
Any other result
Thompson wins inside distance
Not Thompson inside distance
Prindle wins inside distance
Not Prindle inside distance
Thompson wins by decision
Not Thompson by decision
Prindle wins by decision
Not Prindle by decision
Prindle wins in round 1
Any other result
Thompson wins in round 1
Any other result
Prindle wins in round 2
Any other result
Thompson wins in round 2
Any other result
Prindle wins in round 3
Any other result
Thompson wins in round 3
Any other result
Rameau Sokoudjou
Terry Davinney
Over 1½ rounds
Under 1½ rounds
Carlos Eduardo
Egidijus Valavicius
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Kelly Anundson
Rodney Wallace
Over 2½ rounds
Under 2½ rounds
Cortez Coleman
Joe Vedepo
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Austen Heidlage+318+285+285+314+255+270+310+265+260+300
Philipe Lins-350-345-345-356-335-350-356-417-380-365
Over 1½ rounds-120-110-110-125-125-108-131-115
Under 1½ rounds+100-110-110-105-115-108-106-115
Eric Prindle+132+135+135+128+125+105+137+140+125+13519 
James Thompson-142-155-155-142-155-135-152-200-165-15519 
Over 1½ rounds+110+116+116+105+100+105+110+105
Under 1½ rounds-130-136-136-135-140-123-152-135
Fight goes to decision+200+200
Fight doesn't go to decision-280-280
Fight starts round 2-122-122
Fight won't start round 2-108-108
Fight starts round 3+160+160
Fight won't start round 3-195-195
Fight is a draw+10000+10000
Fight is not a draw-30000-30000
Thompson wins by TKO/KO+210+210
Any other result-290-290
Prindle wins by TKO/KO+200+200
Any other result-280-280
Thompson wins by submission+570+570
Any other result-1110-1110
Prindle wins by submission+2500+2500
Any other result-7500-7500
Thompson wins inside distance+135+135
Not Thompson inside distance-175-175
Prindle wins inside distance+180+180
Not Prindle inside distance-260-260
Thompson wins by decision+364+364
Not Thompson by decision-550-550
Prindle wins by decision+555+555
Not Prindle by decision-1065-1065
Prindle wins in round 1+315+315
Any other result-445-445
Thompson wins in round 1+225+225
Any other result-305-305
Prindle wins in round 2+800+800
Any other result-1700-1700
Thompson wins in round 2+700+700
Any other result-1500-1500
Prindle wins in round 3+1500+1500
Any other result-4500-4500
Thompson wins in round 3+1400+1400
Any other result-3600-3600
Rameau Sokoudjou-345-350-350-351-315-360-356-385-370-300
Terry Davinney+315+290+290+309+245+280+310+250+255+250
Over 1½ rounds+100+100+100-105-105+100+100+100
Under 1½ rounds-120-120-120-125-135-117-139-130
Carlos Eduardo-205-230-230-214-210-200-212-263-220-210
Egidijus Valavicius+188+192+195+186+170+165+190+180+160+180
Over 2½ rounds+130+130+130+125+115+125+115+115
Under 2½ rounds-150-150-150-155-160-146-159-145
Kelly Anundson+140+145+145+138+145+170+135+125+135
Rodney Wallace-150-170-170-152-175-210-189-160-155
Over 2½ rounds-145-145-145-150-155-150
Under 2½ rounds+125+125+125+120+110+120
Cortez Coleman+120 
Joe Vedepo-150 
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